…for the 90-foot herbivore in all of us.

Wet Memories

Rain rain on my face
It hasn't stopped raining for days

— Jars of Clay

2005.5.21: No sign of land. Elaine is increasingly restless. The captain remains steadfast, but the men grumble. Some of them say he's gone mad.

2005.5.23: Lost little Timothy. He was playing in the lifeboats though I'd warned him repeatedly against it. Bosun's Mate heard a cry and then a splash. Captain circled around, but we could see nothing in the rain. Elaine is inconsolable.

2005.5.24: Elaine is missing and presumed drowned. She was absent at breakfast and then lunch. Found her cabin locked, and she wouldn't answer. I called the captain, and we forced the door but found the room empty and her locket gone. Bosun found a boy who'd seen her on deck just before sunrise, staring into the ceaseless spray. The men now speak openly of mutiny. God help us!

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