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Cold Memories

The curtains drawn the winter sun
Makes patterns on your face
It looks like some kaleidoscopic breathing exercise

— Snow Patrol, Same

2006.1.6: Since I bought this guestbook, I guess I get to break it in. Congratulations! The cabin is beautiful, and the view is to die for. It would have been nice if the previous owners had left a little more firewood, though. Or maybe a roll of toilet paper!! LOL! — Simone

2006.1.7: Is it bad form to sign a guestbook twice in a row? Well, it can't be worse than inviting your best friend in the whole wide world to your new cabin and then forgetting to show up!! Ha ha, just kidding. Went for a hike yesterday and caught the sniffles. It's all your fault for leaving me here on my own! — S

2006.1.9: Where are you guys? I'm going through your firewood stash like it grows on trees (ha ha). I think I'm running a temperature, too. I need someone to mother me with some hot cocoa. P.S., It just started snowing again, and it's sooo beautiful.

2006.1.12: Okay, I'm starting to freak out here. I have no idea where you guys are, I can't drive back into town because the stupid car won't start, and it's been snowing for three days. But the worst thing of all is that I've ruined your guestbook with my hysterical raving. P.S., I really hope you guys are okay.

2006.1.14: I was so sick yesterday I can't believe it. Jan, you remember those clams we had in Seattle? Yup, I was that sick. I feel way better today, just a little dizzy maybe. I think tomorrow, if you still haven't shown up, I'm going to hike back to town. I don't even know why I'm writing this. I'm obviously going to have to buy you a new guestbook.

[No further entries.]

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