Stat 445: Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis

This is archived information for Stat 445 Sect 201 (Spring, 2005).

Recent News

April 26, 2005: The final projects have been marked and the grades calculated and submitted. You should be able to view them through the Student Service Centre shortly, I assume.

The final projects were generally very good. The mean and median project marks were 72% and 73% respectively, and the quartile range was 66–77%. The final grades were calculated on the following basis:

Lab Assignments20
Midterm Project #115
Midterm Project #220
Final Proposal3
Final Project42

and the mean and median final grades were both 75% with a quartile range of 70–80%, quite high compared to the marks the last time this course was taught. I guess I'm just a big softie.

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This is archived information for Stat 445 Sect 201 (Spring, 2005).